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(Yes.) It’s a beautiful word.
Now you can hear it more often
The success of leaders, executives, managers, and salespeople is measured by their ability to accomplish goals. Those goals are met, more often than not, by reasoning, persuading, and inspiring others to share a vision and to pursue a common purpose. We live in a world where those who are the most persuasive are the most prosperous. How successful you are in your professional and personal life depends, to a large extent, on your ability to influence others.

It’s a well-kept secret that an entire science is devoted to how people are persuaded. It’s a science that has discovered how to increase your likelihood of hearing “yes,” sometimes as much as 300% or 400%, by merely adding a word or phrase, or changing the sequence of your request.

 Those who wish to create and sustain positive change in others need to understand how the influence process works. A vast body of scientific evidence now exists on how, when, and why people say “yes.” However, there’s been an average 7 to 9 year time-lag between the time that findings are discovered in the behavioral sciences, and the time that they begin to be implemented by professionals who need the information. 

Pantelis, Inc. is proud to offer, through its affiliation with Dr. Robert Cialdini and Influence at Work, you and your employees the Principles of Persuasion workshop. Developed by leading researchers in the behavioral sciences, it is the first program that bridges this time lag, helping you implement the latest research to your advantage...in leadership, management, negotiation, and sales.

For more information on Principles of Persuasion Workshop contact:

Jim Norris at:
Tel. 770-842-9637
e-mail: jnorris@pantelisinc.com