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Professional Affiliations
We are proud to call the following professionals and companies colleagues and friends:

Dr. Harry Woodward – Author of Navigating Through Change and Co-Author of Aftershock
“We are fortunate to have Pantelis as a strategic partner. Their sensitivity to -- not to mention their ability to sell and deliver—our organizational change products has made us a major player in the area of change management. The key to this partnership, moreover, is the integrity and the diverse abilities of the Pantelis partners and associates—people who are not only our colleagues, but also our friends.” 

Dr. Bob Cialdini – Regents Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University and author of Influence Science and Practice.
"I don't take the question of who will represent my work on the science of influence lightly, being careful to assure that the highest levels of intelligence and diligence are applied to the task. That is why I was delighted when the opportunity arose to collaborate with Pantelis, Inc. They share my commitment to presenting valuable information so that it is not just engaging but immediately useful to program participants in their professional lives." 

Mark A. Fite - President/CEO, Option Technologies Interactive
"We've had a strategic alliance with Pantelis since 1996.  Over the years, we've jointly provided technology and consultative services to more than 40 clients.  Jerry, Dave and their team have consistently gone the "extra mile" to deliver a truly excellent result on every project.  Ethical, smart, creative and fun are my best descriptors for these guys." 

Dr. Dennis Perkins – President of The Syncretics Group and author of Leading at the Edge
"Pantelis staff members consistently demonstrate exceptional professional competence and superb interpersonal skill. Their ability to collaborate makes partnering a positive, seamless, and pleasurable experience."  

Boyd Watkins – President of Interel, Inc.
“The Pantelis - Interel partnership is key to our success. Pantelis shares their keen insights into client needs enabling us to develop appropriate Action Learning Devices. In addition they use our devices along with their many other resources to provide highly effective business solutions to their clients.” 

Dr. David Herold – Professor of Organizational Behavior, Georgia Institute of Technology
"My relationship with Pantelis has been truly a win-win over a period of years.  I invite them to work with my clients and I have joined them in working with theirs.  Their competency, professionalism, easy-going manner and true spirit of collaboration, makes them ideal, trustworthy partners." 

Dr. Deanna Berg – President of Innovation Strategies International
“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Pantelis, Inc. many times over the past 10 years.  I have a great deal of respect for their expertise, innovation and ability to continually reinvent themselves.  Pantelis has assembled an exceptional group of partners; they are an absolute delight to work with and consistently surpass my expectations for dependability, collaboration and leading edge learning experiences.  They are masters at interacting with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures and have a genius for transforming business theory into useful ideas that people can use immediately to improve their organizations.” 

Dr. Garry Shirts – President of Simulation Training Systems, Inc.
“Simulation Training Systems, (STS) and Pantelis work closely together to bring clients powerful experiential learning tools.  Dr. R. Garry Shirts established simulation Training Systems in 1969.  STS designs, produces and markets experientially based training programs for business, government agencies and schools in the areas of Cultural Awareness, Diversity, Team Development, Sexual Harassment, Leadership, Use and Abuse of Power and Ethics.”